Why Choose SoyNut Butter Company Products?
They solve difficult food problems.
1. Suddenly your child cannot take peanut butter to their school, camp or day care? But peanut butter is a favorite and a diet staple that has your confidence.
2. You're an institution wrestling with the peanut allergy issue? The only way to effectively cope with it is to not serve peanut butter, but that causes problems that can negatively affect your business.
3. You have a peanut allergic family member that precludes peanut butter in your house, but all other household members want peanut butter?
4. You are a pregnant or nursing woman whose ob/gyn or pediatrician has recommended no peanut butter, but you love it?
5. You have children under three, your pediatrician says "no peanut butter for them"?
I.M. Healthy SoyNut Butter offers an effective working compromise for all these situations:
1. It is peanut/nut free so safe for the peanut/nut allergic individual, but accepted as "peanut butter" by those who are not. It can be taken into any peanut free zone. It is available in commercial grocery stores and food service. Your child can have their "peanut butter" and an institution can maintain all the advantages of peanut butter without serving it. The legal and health risk is gone.
2. If you are pregnant or nursing, but crave peanut butter, that desire is satisfied without the risk.
3. It is safe for children under three.
4. It gives "peanut butter" back to the family of a peanut/nut allergic individual.
Safe for schools.
Tastes Great.
Click here to read ideas of how I.M. Healthy SoyNut Butter can improve receipes you may already know (and lots of new ideas!)
Peanut, Nut, and Gluten-Free.
Click here to read more about what I.M. Healthy SoyNut Butter DOES NOT contain for those with Peanut, Nut, and/or Gluten allergy concerns.
Southern Homestyle Corn Crumbs
1. You have just been diagnosed with celiac issues and your whole diet has been turned upside down.
2. You are bored with bread crumbs, but you like what they do. Southern Homestyle Corn Crumbs are gluten free, made in a gluten free facility, but function exactly like bread crumbs. Fry, stuff or sprinkle over prepared food just like you did before the "gluten thing" came up. And if you are a bread crumb user, these are just different enough to rekindle your interest: a little stronger crunch, wonderful golden color and a touch less oil absorption.
All I.M. Healthy and Southern Homestyle products certified kosher by The Orthodox Union(OU) or UMK (United Mehadrin Kosher: http://www.umkkosher.com/about.html).